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Anne’s equity release experience

Customer Story

Anne Daulby, 65, is a divorced woman who has worked all her life in the hotel industry. She has a twin sister, nieces and nephews, and friends in Australia. She wanted to make the most of the money held in her property and enjoy her life without any financial worries.

She contacted Responsible Life and was impressed by the quick and friendly service she received. Her assigned adviser, Richard Johnson, visited her at her home and explained both the process and the options available to her.

Anne had some concerns about equity release, as she had heard some negative stories in the past. However, she did her research and found out that the industry had changed a lot and was now much more regulated and transparent.

She decided to go ahead with the plan and released a lump sum from her property. Some of the funds were used to prepay her funeral, giving her peace of mind and reassuring her that this financial burden would not fall on her family. With the rest of the money released, she planned frequent visits to Australia and spend more time visiting friends and family.

Anne reported being very happy with her decision and feels that she has taken control of her own life. She says: “I’m living it!”

Anne released equity with the help of Responsible Life, in September 2022.

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