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I’m Matt from the Information Team at Responsible Equity Release. I’m here to answer any questions you may have about how equity release can benefit you and whether you are eligible.

Equity Release plans are designed for people 55 and over, who own a property with a value of £70,000. These plans allow you a secure way to give yourself financial freedom whilst ensuring that you continue to own your property.

Our Equity Release calculator makes it incredibly simple to find out if you are eligible, and there’s no obligation, it’s entirely your decision.

Using the calculator only takes a minute, and you get your results instantly. Or you can chat with me or one of the other Information Team members now with any questions you might have.

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Using the Responsible Equity Release calculator is free, and the results provide an indication of your eligbility and the types of plans available to you. No credit checks are required, and your data is kept safe.

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